1964 HALFCROWN ( FINE OR BETTER ) - Halfcrown - Cambridgeshire Coins


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The 1964 Halfcrown from the United Kingdom is a noteworthy piece of British numismatic history, struck in cupronickel during the early years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. Featuring the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, this coin reflects the continuity and grace of the monarchy. Graded Fine or Better, it exhibits minimal to moderate wear, with readable inscriptions and discernible details. Collectors interested in historical coins with character will find this piece a valuable addition to their collection.

Coin Summary:

Material: Cupronickel

Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II

Denomination: Halfcrown

Country: United Kingdom

Condition: Fine or Better

Year: 1964

Weight: Approximately 14 grams

Diameter: Approximately 32 mm