1948 HALFCROWN ( FINE OR BETTER ) - Halfcrown - Cambridgeshire Coins


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The 1948 Halfcrown from the United Kingdom is a significant piece of British numismatic history, struck in cupronickel during the post-World War II era. Featuring the portrait of King George VI, this coin reflects the resilience and continuity of the monarchy during a period of reconstruction. Graded Fine (F), it exhibits moderate wear on the high points of the design, with readable inscriptions and discernible details. Collectors seeking a piece with historical significance and character will find this coin a noteworthy addition to their collection.

Coin Summary:

Material: Cupronickel

Monarch: King George VI

Denomination: Halfcrown

Country: United Kingdom

Condition: Fine (F)

Year: 1948

Weight: Approximately 14 grams

Diameter: Approximately 32 mm