1931 HALFCROWN ( GVF ) - Halfcrown - Cambridgeshire Coins


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This 1931 Halfcrown, struck during the reign of King George V, represents a significant piece of British numismatic history. The obverse features a detailed portrait of King George V, capturing the monarch’s regal profile. The reverse displays the crowned shield of the Royal Arms within a wreath of roses, thistles, and shamrocks, symbolizing the unity of England, Scotland, and Ireland. Its Good Very Fine condition retains much of the design’s detail, making it an appealing piece for collectors who value both historical and aesthetic significance.

Coin Summary:

Material: Silver

Monarch: George V

Denomination: Halfcrown

Country: United Kingdom

Condition: Good Very Fine (GVF)

Year: 1931

Weight: 14g

Diameter: 32 mm