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1887 CROWN ( EF ) D

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The 1887 Crown, minted during the reign of Queen Victoria, is a significant piece of British numismatic history. This coin marks Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee, celebrating 50 years of her reign. The obverse features a mature portrait of Queen Victoria, showcasing her in her royal regalia. The reverse displays the iconic St. George slaying the dragon, a design by Benedetto Pistrucci that symbolizes strength and bravery.

In Fine (F) condition, this coin shows noticeable wear, with major design elements still visible but with some loss of finer details. Despite this wear, the coin retains its historical and collectible value, offering a glimpse into the late Victorian era. The notation “6” likely refers to a specific die variety or mint mark, adding a layer of uniqueness to this piece.

Coin Summary:

Date: 1887

Monarch: Queen Victoria

Denomination: Crown

Metal: Silver

Condition: Fine (F)

Attribution: 6