1849 FLORIN ( VF ) - Florin - Cambridgeshire Coins
1849 FLORIN ( VF ) - Florin - Cambridgeshire Coins

1849 FLORIN ( VF )

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The 1849 Florin from the United Kingdom is a sterling silver coin introduced during Queen Victoria’s reign, marking an early issue of the florin denomination. This coin was part of the currency reform efforts and valued at two shillings. On the obverse, Queen Victoria is depicted wearing a crown and veil, symbolizing her as Empress of India. The reverse features a crowned cruciform shield with the emblems of the United Kingdom.

Graded as Very Fine (VF), this coin exhibits moderate wear on both the design details and the fields, consistent with its age and circulation. The main design elements are clear and well-defined, although there may be some flattening on the highest points due to use. Despite signs of circulation, it retains its historical integrity and is a significant piece of mid-19th-century British numismatic history.

Coin Summary:

Material: Sterling Silver

Monarch: Queen Victoria

Denomination: Florin

Country: United Kingdom

Condition: Very Fine (VF)

Year: 1849

Weight: Approximately 11.31 grams

Diameter: Approximately 28.5 mm