1835 HALFCROWN ( FAIR ) - Halfcrown - Cambridgeshire Coins


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This 1835 Halfcrown, struck during the reign of William IV, represents an important piece of English numismatic history. The obverse features a right-facing bust of King William IV, a typical depiction of the monarch during this period. The reverse displays the crowned shield of the Royal Arms, symbolizing the strength and unity of the British Empire. In Fair (Fair) condition, this coin exhibits significant wear from extensive circulation. The major design elements are heavily worn, with many details smoothed over and some areas of the coin barely discernible. Despite its condition, it remains a valuable artifact for collectors interested in the historical aspects of early 19th-century British coinage.

Coin Summary:

Material: Silver

Monarch: William IV

Denomination: Halfcrown

Country: United Kingdom

Condition: Fair (Fair)

Year: 1835