1673 CROWN ( GF ) 3 OVER 5
1673 CROWN ( GF ) 3 OVER 5

1673 CROWN ( GF ) 3 OVER 5

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This Crown, struck in 1673 during the reign of Charles II, represents a significant piece of English numismatic history. It features an interesting “3 over 5” overdate error, adding a unique aspect to its collectibility. The coin showcases the portrait of Charles II, reflecting the regal features and craftsmanship of the late 17th century. Its Good Fine condition preserves much of the design’s detail, making it a compelling piece for collectors who prize both historical and aesthetic value.

Coin Summary:

Material: Silver

Monarch: Charles II

Denomination: Crown

Country: United Kingdom

Condition: Good Fine (GF)

Date: 1673 (3 over 5)