1687 HALFCROWN ( NF ) 1
1687 HALFCROWN ( NF ) 1

1687 HALFCROWN ( NF ) 1

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This 1687 Halfcrown from the reign of Charles II of England is a piece of English numismatic history, minted during the later years of the restoration period. The obverse features a portrait of King Charles II facing right, wearing a laureate crown, characteristic of the period. On the reverse, the shield of arms within a decorative garnished oval is prominently displayed, symbolizing the monarchy’s authority and lineage. Graded as Near Fine (NF), this coin exhibits moderate wear but still retains some detail and historical significance.

Coin Summary:

Material: Silver

Monarch: Charles II

Denomination: Halfcrown

Country: England

Condition: Near Fine (NF)

Year: 1687