1664 CROWN ( NF ) 2
1664 CROWN ( NF ) 2

1664 CROWN ( NF ) 2

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This 1664 Crown, minted during the reign of Charles II, is a significant piece of English numismatic history from the Restoration period. The obverse features a detailed portrait of Charles II, reflecting the monarch’s regal presence following the re-establishment of the monarchy. The reverse showcases the intricate design of the crowned shields of England, Scotland, Ireland, and France, arranged in a cruciform pattern. In Near Fine (NF) condition, this coin exhibits wear consistent with its age, including visible wear on both the portrait and shield, but still maintains discernible details, making it a valuable addition for collectors interested in historical and numismatic artifacts from the mid-17th century.

Coin Summary:

Material: Silver

Monarch: Charles II

Denomination: Crown

Date: 1664

Condition: Near Fine (NF)

Edge Type: Milled